last night was #lookbooknight

i joined lookbooknigt at canteen plaza indonesia
introducing 2 looks from DNSR homme

another fitting session with ebi before the show, that time i couldn't find freddy

all done and ready for the show, we were waiting for a cue to go to the venue

i'd like to thank melody and friends in lookbookjakarta who invited me to join the show,
freddy for providing the shades, and walk in my outfit with ebi
and diana for taking pictures of us all :D


... worktime!

this is the messy work station, but under the great mess, i'm really a neat person :P
*look at that, i got a hand sanitizer on my desk! and some snacks also :D

this folder contains all files i've been working on with.

i also have a sketchbook contained with sketches and press reviews

these are the little cars, in the making of my bracelet. yay for getting crafty *wiggle fingers*

...and last sunday i met the boys who will wear DNSR for the first time,
meet freddy (the blonde one) and ebi (the skinnier one)

i also met kay mori, and his cute backpack!!! his hair reminds me of scott pilgrim,hehee :D

it's been a fun worktime,getting ready for lookbook night  x)


working time

i've neglected this blog as i neglected this brand in real life
been busy making plans but has no time to do it
yesterday, i just finished a client's project
and i'm going to start working on the products for a show

wishing everything will go well :D